Welcome to the "Buy Tickets" page for our reunion.  Tickets are $80 per person.
Your ticket gets you a premium catered event,  reasonably priced drinks, free parking, music, dancing, prizes, and an opportunity to re-connect with your classmates in a friendly and relaxing environment.  See the "Menu" page for more details.
If you would like to pay by check:
Mail a check for $80 per person made out to Charlie D'Ambrosio. Please write "WHS68-50th" on the memo line.
Mail the check to:
Charlie D'Ambrosio
17 Williams Road
Wayland, MA 01778
Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address (if you have one), as we may need to contact you.
If you would like to pay by credit card:
Alternatively, you may pay by credit card below (Visa or Mastercard). Please note that credit card payments are subject to a $5.00 convenience fee per person.  Therefore, the charge to your credit card per ticket will be $85.00.
Whether you purchase your tickets via credit card on the website or via check through the mail, we will add you to the “Who’s Coming” section of the website.
Note: No physical tickets will be printed or issued.  An up-to-date listing of attendees on this website will serve as the admission control document.

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WHS Class of 1968 Reunion$85.00
When:10/21/2018 4PM to 8PM
Where:Oakley Country Club 410 Belmont St, Watertown, MA 02472
Number of Tickets:
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Stephen Abramson
Ralph Antonucci
Dottie Foley (Arseneau)
Richard Bartley
Wendy Lee Zeliff (Bartley)
Joost Baumeister
Carole Conti (Bell)
Vin Boschetto
Thomas Bregani
Gene Centauro
Mindy Centauro
Jay Corey
Linda Corey
Jeanne Fanelli (Cusick)
Charlie D'ambrosio
Janet Barrile (Deldon)
Ralph Deldon
Harry Donato
Kathy English (Donato)
Gail Dorey
Cathy Santalucia (Durak)
Dennis Elbag (Elbag)
John Farrington
Jean Fico (Fletcher)
Ken Flora
Pat Kelly (Gately)
Patricia Kelly (Gately)
Nancy Kachadorian (Giacobozzi)
Bill Heuston
Mike Hotz
Godfried Jansen
Geegee Rafferty (Kaufman)
Carol Rufo (Kelley)
Bud Kluge
Buddy Kluge
Ellen Busconi (Kluge)
Linda Paquette (Lanza)
Anne Marie Callaghan (Leblanc)
Ken Mackenzie
Nancy Maher
Mary Ovoian (Marcus)
Lynda Messina
Kevin Mooney
Vartkes Moushigian
Pamela Bloomer (O'toole)
Janet Sampson (Palladino)
Vic Palladino
Louis Papandrea (Papandrea)
Joan Paquette
Deanna N/a (Phipps)
Maureen Ridge
Flora Same (Rosati)
Barbara Sarkisian (Sarkisian-arthur)
Richard Scalzi
Pam Nelson (Secord)
Peter Serbanos
Carolyn Arena (Seward)
Jack Skinner
Bill Stevens
Sandy Anderberg (Tarlow)
Denise Murphy (Thomas)
Susan Susan Tirabassi (Tirabassi)
Fred Toppi
Rosemarie Bernasconi (Toppi)
Nancy Nancy Santoian (Tyler)
Tom Wetherall
Arleen Arcenian (Whiteacre)
Ann Williams
Total 20