June 5, 2013

Welcome WHS Class of 1968

Hi all, 
It's hard to believe that 45 years have passed since our Watertown High graduation. I've got to tell you, I was one of the many who never attended a reunion until the 40th. I'm not even sure how they found me, but I decided to check it out and am so glad that I did. 
Over the years, I had only kept in touch with a few people in the class, but at the reunion it was like old home week. People I hadn't seen in 40 years became friends again and since then we've kept in touch and now we are trying to bring together an even larger group of WHS 1968 classmates.
Take a minute and sign up on the classmates page to let everyone know what you've been up to. Then another minute on the RSVP page to let us know if you will be able to attend the reunion on October 5. 
We just got this website up and we will be updating it daily with new information about the upcoming reunion, so bookmark it and stop back often. 
There are quite a few members of the class we have been unable to locate. Check the Missing Friends page and let us know if you have any info about the classmates listed. 
I hope to see you all on October 5 at the Greek Community Center in Coolidge Square.
Ken MacKenzie 


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Gail Dorey on June 6, 2013 5:25 PM
Kenny, I totally agree.  I went to the 40th not expecting much, had a great time, and since then have reconnected with so many folks, and met great classmates I never knew.   Come to the reunion, you will have a wonderful time!

Nancy Kachadorian on June 18, 2013 9:25 AM
Hi Ken:
I do agree---finding old friends and in some cases making new ones can be so rewarding. We have had fun working just trying to put this together---many laughs and memories shared---so it is times like these that I would take advantage of and COME!!!!!!!
"Kach"--Nancy Kachadorian

Jean Fletcher on June 20, 2013 7:43 PM
A wonderful group of people worked together on this reunion committee.  I am happy to have had the opportunity to get to know them once again.  I look forward to seeing the rest of the class in October.  I hope you will all be there.  You will talk and laugh with some of the best people on the planet!

Arleen Arcenian Whiteacre on June 29, 2013 8:26 PM
Nancy...You look exactly like you did when you were in HIgh school.  No really...You haven't changed a bit....no really...you are even funnier than I remember!!!...No really...I mean it...(no fingers crossed behind my back!!

Arleen Whiteacre on October 6, 2013 10:56 AM
Hello classmates of '68,
I had the best time last night at our reunion.  It was incredible to see all those beautiful faces from the past and know that we all made it through life without too many bumps and bruises! 
To the delight of this committee member, The food was fantastic and everything went as planned. 
Thank you to all the committee members for your diligence, creativity, time sacrifice, expert knowledge in many areas, and the amazing fun that we all had doing this.  An event planner could not have done a better job than you all did.
I will be proud to be on our 50th reunion committee!
Thank you all for your friendship,
I remain...."The Cruise Director"

Kathy Geary Murphy on October 8, 2013 10:42 AM
Just wanted to let you know, First ,Thank You to the Reunion Committee for all their hard work putting this together. Then To see Nancy and Arleen as soon as I came thru the door,made me so happy. All my memories of youth came flooding back, seeing Nicky Geskos,Billy Hueston, Ralph,Jean Fico, Dennis Elbag,Brenda Pryor aka Nancy Reegan,etc. How special I felt being there. I will always have such good memories and all the laughs we had. I only wish I could have stayed longer. I missed filling my dance card. I am sure Nancy DiDonato filled in for me. Your the best. The food was Great . I'm sorry that I didn't get around to so many more I wanted to see and talk to. I really don't want to wait 5 years to see you all again. Anyway I love you all and I will CHERISH this memory, you really will never know how much you all mean to me. Kathy(Geary) Murphyxoxoxoxoxoxox

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