1. What should I wear to the reunion?
Dress is casual. This is not a formal affair.
2. Will there be alcohol served?
Yes, there will be a cash bar with very reasonably priced beverages.
3. Where can I stay if I am traveling from out of town?
Check out our Traveler's page for tips on accommodations, and local restaurants.

 What if I can't attend the reunion?

 I.  If you need to cancel your reservation for personal reasons, we can refund your money, if you notify us by 10/1/18.  After that, our financial liabilities will prohibit reimbursements.  

II.  If you can't attend the reunion, please keep in touch. 

1) If you have a computer, please register on the website, so you can be in touch with the class.

2) Send us an update about yourself:  Where do you live, work, are you retired, hobbies, family, travel, what are your interests, passions, anything you want to share…..

The format could be:   

An email, letter a CD or DVD, pictures, etc.

We will assemble your information, and share it on the website. 

5. Can I bring my adult son or daughter?
Certainly. You may purchase a ticket for any friend or relative over 18. The more, the merrier.
6.  What if the reunion is cancelled?
 If the reunion has to be cancelled (state of emergency, etc.), we will refund the ticket price minus any liabilities.