June 29, 2013

Why Should You Go to the 45th Reunion? Glad You Asked !

45 Reasons to Come to the 45th WHS Reunion
  1.  It is the only party that you will attend this year, where you don’t have to “make-up” an age.
  2. You are a plastic surgeon and you are looking for business.
  3. No one will care if you can’t fit into your cheerleader’s uniform anymore……basically, no one will remember IF you were a cheerleader.
  4. You need to improve your sales quota and it is a cheap form of networking.
  5. No women at the bar you frequent get the line “hey, what..


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Charlie D'Ambrosio on June 29, 2013 4:08 PM
 #46 - To make the hard working reunion committee be really really happy! 
#47 - Because you may not make it to the 50th.

Kathy (GEARY) Murphy on August 31, 2013 10:06 AM
I am so excited to see so many people coming to the reunion,so many memories that I look forward too. A once in a lifetime event for me. I intend to make the most of it. I'm also a little sad some of my closest friends have passed and I will truly miss them. But this is a Happy time to cherish what we now will have,lasting memories,a lot of laughs and nothing but good times ahead.

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June 5, 2013

Welcome WHS Class of 1968

Hi all, 
It's hard to believe that 45 years have passed since our Watertown High graduation. I've got to tell you, I was one of the many who never attended a reunion until the 40th. I'm not even sure how they found me, but I decided to check it out and am so glad that I did. 
Over the years, I had only kept in touch with a few people in the class, but at the reunion it was like old home week. People I hadn't seen in 40 years became friends again and since then we've kept...


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