Below is a list of those classmates for whom we have no contact information. If you know where any of them are currently, please either let them know about the website or let us know through the Contact Us page.
Brian Armstrong
Linda Bombard
John Bontempo
George Boyd
Bonnie Carmichael
Elizabeth Carroll
William Cowing
Patricia Cummings
Donna Deffely
Joseph Dennison
John Doherty
Ronald Fitzpatrick
Dorothy Foley
John Foreman
Deborah Fraser
Nancy Hawkins
Gail Higgins
Wayne Kennedy
Ellen Larsen
Dorothea Lazarides
John McLaughlin
Louis Monaco
Carolyn Montgomery
Seta Nersessian
Joan Nicholas
Dorothy Regal
Paula Rollka
Carol Ruble
Kathleen Sheehan
Maryellen Shutt
Shannon Smith
Natalia Tallada
Victoria Testa
Lawrence Weaver