Lou LeBlanc, Anne Marie Callaghan LeBlanc & Linda MacKenzie

The 45th Reunion

Held on October 5, 2013 at the Hellenic Cultural Center in Watertown

The 40th Reunion

Held on September 27, 2008 at the Swanson Medows Country Club in Billerica
Come to the Reunion! We keep finding new people on Martha's Vineyard! We meet on various dates in the last two week

Mini Reunions Since 2008

Some of us reconnected at the 2008 class reunion.  Here are some photos, from the gatherings folks have had since the 2008 reunion.
Arleen Arcenian Whitacre's beautiful family.

Family Pics!

Share with us your family photo's. Especially those cute little grandchildren!
There are no photos in this album.

Traveling, wandering....

Have you traveled round the world? We want to know where you have been! Share pictures and tell us stories.
Anabelle and Levi Palladino


Do you have a cat or a dog or a ferret or a boa constrictor? Tell us about your family pet (s)!

Oh Geeze Coach !!! by Jack Skinner

You had to be there.  After baseball practice, Ralph Deldon burst into the coaches room with the rest of the team behind him to share some news with Coach Beradino.  But lo and behold, when the door swung open, there was the ol' JV Coach, Tom Hazel, doing his business.